About the Game

Suddenly waking from a century in cryogenic sleep, Crew 167 finds himself alone on a spaceship hurtling towards a destination that may be the salvation that his home world is seeking. During this isolation, his mind begins to create hallucinations to keep him entertained. The Grand Block Odyssey lets you dive into the mind of the character as he tries to make sense of the world around him.

Delve into a psychological and atmospheric cinematic mystery as you solve puzzles in this block-pushing adventure. Crew 167 is the story of same-named character who finds himself isolated in the midst of an interstellar journey. His home planet, Source, is severely suffering from climate change and a backup plan is essential for his home planet’s survival. However, after traveling for over a century, the implant in his head has begun to show signs of malfunction and is starting to affect his mental health.


Conquer 75 satisfying puzzles with increasing mechanics.

    GIF of the character solving puzzles

Discover new mechanics cleverly introduced without tutorials

    GIF of the player solving a puzzle, followed by a change in the environment

Experience the story through cinematic cutscenes

    GIF of a cinematic cutscene from the game

Enjoy voice acted cutscenes

    GIF of a cinematic cutscene from the game with text

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